Infrastructure update: Cross-Chain Bridge to Cardano

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On June 2, along with IOHK the developers of the Cardano blockchain, a cross-chain bridge connecting the Cardano and Nervos networks was announced. We would like to provide an update on how the building of the bridge has gone so far.

The bridge, once complete, will allow users to use Nervos and Cardano’s native currencies ($CKB and $ADA, respectively) interchangeably, as well as create their own tokens (user-defined tokens) across both blockchains. 

On both Layers 1 and 2 of the Nervos network, wrapped $ADA tokens will be available for use across the chain’s rapidly expanding suite of DeFi applications. Additionally, the bridge will enable developers from both chains to access services and features to expand their dApps and user bases.

Mousebelt, a full-service blockchain accelerator, building the bridge between the two blockchains, has provided the following update.

“We have added the functionality of locking and unlocking flow supporting Cardano,” explains the Mousebelt team. “Now users can transfer from their account cross-chain: e.g. they can lock their asset on Cardano and unlock the same asset on CKB which can then be used on their blockchain. They can also query their balance on the Cardano chain. We also added integration test cases.”

“Once users lock their asset on Cardano, we transfer it to our main wallet (held by the main team), then we mint the same amount of tokens on CKB. When they want to get back their original token on ADA, we burn that amount on CKB. Cardano has UTXO in TX structure and we use passphrase in config. So it is the same as BTC implementation in the Force Bridge,” the team added.

The progress has been good thus far, with only a few more small implementations needed to complete the bridge.

These include: 

  • Cardano test docker image build
  • Cardano integration-test complete
  • Build infra after all tests pass
  • Cardano integration tests in progress
  • Cardano configuration & Docker setup in progress

“We’ve completed testing Cardano-side transaction monitoring and we now have the Nervos-side remaining. It will be tested in order to see if we need to make any adjustments,” said the team.

The completion of this bridge will mark an important milestone for Nervos as we build solutions to support multichain applications by connecting with other chains, including Cardano, who shares Nervos’ vision for a truly interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

We look forward to updating you further once the bridge is complete. 

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