Hodlr’s Digest: The Master Hodlr

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This is our third installment of the Hodlr’s Digest where we speak to different members of the Nervos community to hear their experience with $CKB and other aspects of the ecosystem. 

This time we speak to Shaoquan — our official Master Hodlr and the person we know to be the longest individual investor in $CKB


Shaoquan graduated as an information management major, entering the blockchain industry in 2013. Shaoquan has been through three major bull runs, including the latest one in 2020/1.

Shaoquan started investing in $CKB during the private sale and thus is, thus far, the longest individual investor we’ve found in $CKB.

 Q1: When did you enter the blockchain industry, and what was it that sparked you to join?

Shaoquan: I entered the blockchain industry in April 2013. One of my colleague’s relatives was studying for a PhD in the US and was exposed to Bitcoin early on. He preached to another colleague of mine, who in turn preached to me. So chatting to him before the Ching Ming Festival in April 2013, my colleague and I were discussing Bitcoin, which at the time was only valued at $40. I was very interested in it, so I decided to enter the blockchain industry then.

 Q2: When did you first become interested in CKB? What was the reason at that time?

Shaoquan: In 2018, my colleague told me there was a project in financing, and he asked me if I was interested. That project is Nervos. During the bull market in 2017, my colleague achieved financial freedom and resigned, so this gave me a push to trust him and I then participated in every project he recommended. 

He sent me the white paper which was written in English, but I was unable to read English, so I had to rely on blind trust. Therefore, instead of investing in the project’s capital, strength and vision, this was more on feel alone!.

Q3: When did you decide to invest in CKB? What made you take the plunge?

Shaoquan: As answered above, I would participate in every project my colleague recommended as long as the funds were available. So when the project started financing, I gave him ETH without saying a word.

Q4: The mainnet has been live for more than a year, but the value of CKB seems to have not been well discovered. What is your opinion on this?

Shaoquan: Since the launch of mainnet, I have been involved in the project from all aspects, including mining tests, building a community, and learning from Wechat official accounts.

As the saying goes, a good meal is not afraid of being late. The longest crypto project I have participated in has already lasted for 6 years and I still need to wait another 2 years to unlock its tokensi I am happy to wait on this project for 8 years at least. 

Q5: Having held the cryptocurrency for so long, has there been a time that has given you real stress or anxiety? 

Shaoquan: My investments are relatively diversified, including BTC, ETH and DeFi, so I have not experienced a time of real discomfort. Besides, as a veteran in the cryptocurrency world, I’ve gone through a lot of things and now I’m quite calm. If there is one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable, it is $CKB’s share of my total investment, which is getting smaller and smaller!

 Q6: It’s easy to buy cryptocurrencies but hard to hodl them. What are the reasons that you support the idea of hodling $CKB for such a long time?*

Shaoquan: I have analyzed CKB from 5 aspects: technical strength, investment funds, current price, community building and underlying design. After the analysis, I am more optimistic. Now the GliaSwap DEX on the CKB mainnet is coming out soon and the ecosystem is promising, so my belief in holding CKB is more firm.

Q7: As a veteran in the cryptocurrency market, is there anything you would like to share with our CKB fans?

Shaoquan: This is the third round of bull market I’ve experienced. What I’d like to say is that the strategy in a bull market remains the same as in a bear market: watch more and trade less.

In a bull market, all assets will surge and there is always one for you, so do not pursue the so-called hot spots in case you end up empty-handed.

In addition, diversify investment. You can buy some unpopular cryptocurrencies with a small portion of your money and wait for them to skyrocket.

The last thing is to take the profit in time. The floating profit is unrealised. A veteran knows to realize the profit in the bull market.

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