Get Ready to Hash it Out


Our successful weekly Twitter Spaces session of Hashing it Out is getting a major overhaul this April. We are excited to let you know that starting this month, we will be bringing you a new and improved Hashing it Out.

This revamp of Hashing it Out will feature monthly Youtube audio episodes where we will cover major updates from in and around the Nervos Network. It will also give the community an opportunity to get their questions answered.

With the likes of Hashing it Out regulars Jordan, Matt, Kylee, Taylor, and Amir appearing on the show, we hope you will listen in to keep up to date on the latest Nervos news. Not only will it be news around Nervos, but in a podcast style, the team will tackle issues in the blockchain space and how they relate to Nervos. 

Since everyone in our community is so important to us we want to make sure we gather input and answer questions from YOU. We will be opening it up for questions from the community where you will be able to hear straight from foundation members exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Just make sure to join our Discord to submit any questions you have there within the ____ channel. 

And More! 

In addition to our new monthly Hashing it Out, we will also be holding ad hoc Twitter Space sessions for big news and updates. 

If there is a major partnership coming up, or a big new launch, perhaps even a tech update or an AMA – we want to be there to explain it all. Kylee will be on hand to host these Twitter spaces where we will dive into the latest update from Nervos that we think you will definitely want to hear first hand from our team. 

Make sure to follow NervosNetwork on Twitter and stay tuned to find out when these will be happening as we will always announce them a few days beforehand.

Here for You

We know that our loyal community is always really interested in all the happenings at Nervos. We want to be available to share information and answer questions. With this in mind we hope that our monthly Hashing it Out Youtube Podcasts and Twitter Spaces will provide the community with everything that they are looking for to stay on top of our latest developments and hear directly from our dedicated team. 

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