Force Bridge Adding BTC and Other Chain Support

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Force Bridge Adding BTC and Other Chain Support

In a recent developer update on the Force Bridge, it was announced that support for new chains beyond just Ethereum would be coming. Currently, a Bitcoin bridge, along with TRON, EOS and Polkadot, are being looked into for possible integration set for the end of Q2. 

The Force Bridge is a trustless bridge that allows for the seamless cross-chain transaction between CKB and Ethereum currently. However, once the new support is enacted, it will allow users to make transactions between CKB and BTC without the usual obstacles seen on other bridges. 

Additional updates on the Force Bridge will also see the integration of Godwoken, the layer 2 framework on CKB and the support of the EVM layer and optimistic rollup mechanism. This will allow developers to deploy Ethereum contracts on Godwoken and users can use them with much lower gas fees.

This is especially relevant for DeFi as Developers can deploy Ethereum contracts on CKB with Godwoken, lowering the transaction fees while using assets from Nervos Chain and other chains Force Bridge supports.

These three features together enable users to use DeFi with assets from multiple chains with lower transaction fees.

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