Dev update: 02 Mar. – 29 Mar.

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Nervos Network Dev update: 02 Mar. - 29 Mar.

In the past four weeks the different developer teams across the Nervos Network have been busy on a number of ongoing updates. Below is a round up from the various teams from March 2 to March 29.

Development and Product

CKB Core Protocol: :

Key Highlights –  

Continued to submit proposals for the hard fork in [rfcs] ().

Refactored tx pool to improve its reliability.

Researched the solutions and discussed how to integrate Flyclient into CKB.

Developed auto-scaling miner for the testnet to avoid the chain getting stuck due to drastichash rate surges.

Rewrote tx pool to improve the reliability and fix bugs.

Optimized chain synchronization speed on low-performance machines.

Implement a pressure generator for popular dApps.

Development Tools: 

Key Highlights –    

The audit for the Godwoken and RSA smart contracts has come to an end, we are wrapping up both projects to help us confirm the final fixes

Tippy is in development phase, sUDT support is ready, remaining parts are debugger support and testing RPC

Tippy now has a workable 0.1.6 release.

Draft spec for xUDT / RCE is out, contract implementation is targeted at the end of March for a release

The smart contract of xUDT / RCE is wrapping up, we are working on integration part, also in the process of scheduling code auditing.

RISC-V B extension to CKB VM is still in testing phase

Force Bridge 

Key Highlights –      

Received the Force Bridge audit report,started the work on improving the contracts according to the audit report suggestions [pull request]. 

Did some proof of concepts on supporting other chains with Force Bridge: including TRON, EOS, Polkadot/Substrate, Binance Smart Chain.

Started the development on new Force Bridge  architecture, implemented BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON components


Key Highlights –      

Drafted a new practical NFT standard for real world business use cases

Godwoken Explorer is being developed, and the alpha release will be ready by the end of March

Completed the first MVP version of Godwoken Explorer, ready to iterate to include more functionality.

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