Core Developer Daniel Kmak to Attend Nervos Indian Developer Workshop

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In order to broaden our reach into new regions, senior blockchain engineer Daniel Kmak will be talking at a developer-focused virtual workshop hosted by Lumos Labs in India on Friday, November 12. India is a powerful and emerging developer environment, and we hope to pique the interest of the expanding blockchain developer community in the region. 

Nervos has recently reached new milestones in its development road map with the launch of the Ethereum Force Bridge, which connects the Ethereum ecosystem to our own Nervos ecosystem for increased interoperability and token liquidity, as well as its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer, Polyjuice.

We hope to showcase the Nervos ecosystem to early-stage developers from top tech universities in India, as well as developers who may have participated in Web 3 hackathons hosted by Lumos Labs in the past. Additionally, there are opportunities for Indian startups to experience all Nervos has to offer and potentially be a part of our ecosystem. 

The workshop will include a welcome note from the Lumos Labs team. This will be followed by an introduction to Nervos from Daniel before he goes on to demonstrate the power of our layer two solutions. Furthermore, there will be a chance to interact with the solutions for those attending the session. 

To be a part of the workshop, you can click through here

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