Nervos Community Update: MARCH 2021

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Nervos | Community Update: March 2021

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Updates from March include:

đź’°$CKB listing on Bithumb & Bibox

🚀 2021 roadmap unveiled at Town Hall

🔥New TrailBlazer program 

🆕 Intro to xUDT

đź’ˇTrailBlazer spotlight: LatAm

❓More Hodl’rs Digest interviews

Top Korean Exchange Bithumb Lists $CKB

As we’ve continued to expand Nervos’ presence in blockchain and cryptocurrency communities around the world, we’re particularly excited by the growth we’ve seen in South Korea. That’s why we’re pleased to announce CKByte ($CKB), the native token of the Nervos ecosystem, is now listed on Bithumb, the most popular digital currency exchange in South Korea.

Nervos Unveils 2021 Roadmap at Town Hall

Since 2021 began and we announced CKByte’s ($CKB) listing on Binance, the Nervos community has been anxiously awaiting a glimpse into Nervos’ plans for the rest of the year. That’s why on March 2nd we made the 2021 roadmap our focus for our fifth Town Hall.

Nervos Launches TrailBlazer Program

We have created the TrailBlazer program as a way to increase the scope of Nervos’ reach in different locations around the world, but to also offer an opportunity for our community members to be a part of the expansion process.

xUDTs: The Next State of UDTs

After the successful launch of sUDTs — which are tokens that can be easily created by users to tokenize assets while being secured on Nervos’ CKB Layer One blockchain — Nervos is excited to introduce xUDTs.

Bibox Lists Nervos CKB for Trading

On the heels of CKByte’s ($CKB) listing on U.S.-based exchange Voyager, we’re excited to announce our new listing on Bibox, an AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange providing users with a full range of blockchain financial services.

TrailBlazer Spotlight—Eduardo: LatAm

In Part Two of our TrailBlazer Spotlight Series, we spoke to community lead Eduardo Garza, from the Latin America region.

Just like Jinho, from South Korea, Eduardo gave us some insight into the blockchain space across the Latin America region and how it has been growing a Nervos community over there.

Digging Deep: A $CKB Miner’s Tale

This is our second instalment of the Hodlr’s Digest (for Part I, click here) a series of stories about Nervos and $CKB from our community. This time, we speak to Alan, a $CKB miner.

Hodlr’s Digest: The Master Hodlr

This is our third installment of the Hodlr’s Digest where we speak to different members of the Nervos community to hear their experience with $CKB and other aspects of the ecosystem. 

This time we speak to Shaoquan — our official Master Hodlr and the person we know to be the longest individual investor in $CKB.

Hodlr’s Digest: A Tale of Greed and Fear

This is our fourth instalment of the Hodlr’s Digest and we are doing things a little differently. Instead of a Q&A, we have asked CKB Holder YouXun to tell us about his experience through greed and fear in different bull and bear markets through the lens of CKB.

Other News

Following our Binance listing, isolated margin trading became available for CKB/BTC and CKB/USDT.

We joined the Messari registry and will provide project updates for the greater blockchain ecosystem moving forward.

Nervos’ Ben Morries joined team members from Terra, Aave, and Chainlink to discuss when DeFi will go mainstream on the Nervos YouTube channel.

Chief architect and researcher Jan Xie talked about his early days at Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin’s legacy in an article for Decrypt.

Our first #NervosTrailBlazer blast for the community went live! Participants completed tasks for a chance to win $CKB.

We released the first weekly #Nervos TrailBlazer roundup! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated on what community members around the world are up to.

Binance and Nervos held a “Gift to Earn” campaign with a total prize of $50,000 in $CKB.

After the success of our #NervosTrailBlazer blast,  we launched the #CommonKnowledgeBooster campaign on Gleam.

Nervos team members Luis, Matt, Jordan, and Daniel discussed crypto, consensus, governance, building, and more on “Hashing It Out.” A new episode of our fireside chat series goes live on Clubhouse every Thursday at 10 AM PtT/1 PM ET.

We announced the first group of Nervos TrailBlazers for April.

Binance trading event 2nd round: China.

Nervos Community Essay Contest results.

Nervos Community Visual Report – March.

TrailBlazer Updates

  • Created a Twitter handle for the Nervos Korea community (@NervosKR) and grew to 100 followers in only 3 days.
  • Held an AMA with Bithumb Global.
  • Translated blog posts for Medium and Naver Korean blogs.
  • Made headlines on Korea Economic Daily TV with the Bithumb listing news.
  • Held a community AMA on Telegram.


  • Held an AMA and DeFi panel with CryptoGods (150+ attendees).
  • Translated announcements for LatAm community.
  • Held 2nd edition of #DeFiNight and $CKB giveaway.
  • Launched DeFi en Español partnership.
  • DeFi en Español created a video review on Nervos.


  • Created a Twitter handle for the Nervos Russia community (@Nervos18).
  • Held a community quiz and Binance AMA.
  • Held community competition on Telegram.
  • Held a community Q&A and working on offline event exploration.

More Ecosystem & Community Content

We published more great content from the community this month. Make sure to share and mention @NervosNetwork to have your content included!

  • Nervos en Español and DeFi en Español continue to work together to progress DeFi growth in LatAm and around the world.  See here.
  • Nervos en Español and Blockchain Academy Chile have teamed up to teach devs the fundamentals of the Nervos ecosystem in a free online course. Congrats to all the graduates! See here.
  • The community created an awesome poster showcasing many of recent online events. See here.
  • The Nervos China community and developer Ye Wan Biao discussed CKB VMs New Extended Instruction and Macro Fusion technology during a talk on March 10th. See here.
  • Nervos advocate Will participated in a discussion on interoperability on WeChat. See here.
  • Nervos community members in China continue to use Portal Wallet to buy coffee and burgers with $CKB. Check out their awesome pics! See here.
  • The Nervos China community launched an essay contest. Check out one of the shortlisted articles below. See here.
  • John. P. Acquaviva shared insights on the Nervos ecosystem in a recent video. See here.
  • The Nervos community shared how they take Nervos with them wherever they go. See here.
  • Community members continue to translate announcements and blog posts. Thanks for your hard work! See here.
  • Active community members Daniel and Rodrigo discussed Nervos on the community-led “Nervos for Newbies” YouTube channel. See here or see below.

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