Team Nervos:
Our Agents
of Change

We are a team with a vision of a better future, and a mission to build a truly interoperable decentralised world of networks and businesses.


Terry Tai
Jack of all trades
Core developer at Yunbi & Peatio cryptocurrency exchange, co-founder of, one of China's most popular tech podcasts.
Kevin Wang
Researcher, token economics
Co-founder of Launch School, previously worked on enterprise data solutions at IBM Silicon Valley Lab, consultant & engineer.
Daniel Lv
Community Building
Former CTO of imToken (world's most popular Ethereum wallet), former CTO of Yunbi, and co-founder of and KOL

Research & Engineering

Jan Xie
Architect & Researcher
Founder at Cryptape, former core researcher & developer at Ethereum Foundation, co-founder of, former architect at Peatio.
Cipher Wang
Founder & CEO of Nervina Labs
Former Chief Product Officer at Cryptape, Product Director at the Blockchain Lab of the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation.
Ren Zhang
Lead Researcher
Consensus protocol designer & breaker. Ph.D. from KU Leuven. Former researcher at Blockstream.
Quake Wang
Software Engineer
Over 20 years developing experience, enjoys solving problems with code.
Alan Szepieniec
Researcher, Cryptography
Cryptography researcher, Ph.D. from KU Leuven.
Jordan Mack
Software Engineer
Full-stack blockchain developer with a background in web and mobile startups. ❤️ Rust. Involved with blockchain since 2011.
Ian Yang
Tech Lead
Focused on system design and official client implementation, former CTO at Hooya Game, and former software engineer at Groupon.
Xuejie Xiao
Tech Lead
"Programs are what happens between cache misses."

Community & Ecosystem

Ben Morris
Director of Business Development & Growth
Previously Head of BD & Strategy at, Head of Treasury at Thomson Reuters and Head of eTrading at Bloomberg.
Jessie Chan
Head of People Operations
Responsible for people operation and human capital strategy. Over 10+ years of experience in HR Management in both MNC & global recruitment agency. Previously from a tech start-up in the electric vehicle field as HRBP, passionate in people business.
Echo Qi
Lead Designer
Focused on shaping brand tonality and building various visual assets for products and campaigns.